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Are menstrual cups new?

There are many brands of menstrual cups today and the use of menstrual cups dates back to the late 1800’s. In some countries such as the UK, advertisement of women’s personal hygiene products was not allowed until a few years back. Even in most countries where advertisement is allowed, such topics as menstruation are not openly discussed and people are shy about these issues. The lack of advertising the menstrual cups is also largely a combination of several factors such as the high cost of materials e.g. silicone for production and the fact that one cup can last years.

How long does the Luv Ur Body Menstrual Cup last?

A Luv Ur Body Menstrual Cup will last 3 years if cared for properly and the Cup is not punctured, air holes are not damaged in any way.

Why is the Luv Ur Body Cup recommended to be used for just 3yrs while other brands last for 10yrs?

We strongly recommend the use of our Menstrual Cups for just 3 yrs based on hygiene reasons. We do not think it’s hygienic to re-use for 10yrs something vaginally inserted (which mixes with cervical secretion and other bodily fluids/waste) which costs the same as a haircut. Especially if you are sexually active or have multiple partners. Most people would not use a toothbrush for 10yrs and most women would not re-use a douch applicator spout, clothpad, menstrual sponge or particular pair of panty for 10yrs! We completely understand that the vagina is self cleaning and that women generally bath at least once a day and will maintain high levels of personal hygiene but hey lets face it, some peoples level of personal hygiene will be poorer than others. That’s why some women get vaginal infections or STD’s and some don’t. Same way some people have bad breath and some don’t. Thus some will clean their Cups better than others over time and some won’t especially the airholes that tend to get clogged with blood clots. Some women don’t use the pouches to store but rather leave their Cup out on the bathroom sink where it comes in contact with dust mites, germs and bathroom cleaning products. Let’s admit it, some women that have more than one Cup may tend to leave it out on the bathroom shelf for UPTO ONE MONTH OR MORE as they switch between cups thus leading to germs coming in contact with the Menstrual Cup. It’s not uncommon for menstrual cups to be re-usable for 3yrs or less, some brands made in the UK are re-usable for about 18months only and some are disposable after each use.

Are your colored cups made of medical silicone also?

Yes. The flowers on our small cups are a different color of medical silicone than the clear medical silicone on the rest of the Cup. It’s NOT paint or dye. Same with our red and green Cups.

Will using a Menstrual Cup make my vagina less tight?

No, it won’t due to the relatively small size even if you are a virgin or in your teens, because your internal vaginal muscles are able to stretch naturally, it will not loosen up any further.

Can I share my Luv Ur Body Menstrual Cup with my mom, sister or best friend?

No you may not. As with underwear and other personal under garments, for personal hygiene reasons it should not be shared for any reason.

Can I trim or cut off the stem of the Cup for greater comfort?

Of course you can, but be sure not to cut or puncture the cup in any way especially when cutting off the stem at the base of the cup. The stem may be trimmed for greater comfort. But instead of cutting the stem off, why not just turn your cup inside out and use it that way? Just a hint!

Will I still experience the sogginess and odor associated with pads and tampons?

No, never again will you have to sit in a pool of your own blood all day long! Menstrual fluid only smells when it comes in contact with air for a period of time or as the E.coli bacteria from the anus makes its way up into the vaginal canal and begins to feed on the shedding uterus lining thus causing decomposition and odor to set in. Unlike pads which are worn externally and remain in constant contact with air, creating the stale blood odor, or tampons which tend to smell because the string which also gets blood soaked remains outside the body and is constantly absorbing urine each time you urinate thus creating the stale odor, the Luv Ur Body Menstrual Cup is made out of silicone which is a non-absorbent material and is worn internally and will not come in contact with air until when the contents are emptied and its leak proof seal won’t let the E.coli bacteria into the Cup.

What is menstrual fluid?

It is the reddish brownish fluid that flows out of a woman during menstruation. It consists of not only blood but also vaginal secretions, water, cervical mucus and endometrial tissue.

How much menstrual fluid does a woman loose during each month’s menstruation?

This ranges from 10-80ml depending on how light or heavy each woman’s flow is. The average is 35 ml for women with average flow while those with heavy flow may lose up to 80 ml.

How much menstrual fluid can a menstrual cup hold in comparison to a pad or tampon?

Most small or medium size menstrual cups will typically hold to the air-holes or rim from 25-30 ml of menstrual fluid which is about 3 times the capacity of a Super absorbency tampon.

Who can use a Menstrual Cup?

Any woman or teenager who menstruates can use a Menstrual Cup.

I’m a teenager and just started my periods, can I still use the Luv Ur Body Cup?

Yes, for teenagers it’s recommended you start with our small sized cup even from your first ever period. Read the User Manual at least twice before you insert the cup for the first time. It may take a little getting used to, but just be sure to take your time, ensure you are in a relaxed position. Read our page on how to use for more information.

Can virgins or women who are not sexually active use menstrual cups?

Yes they can. For Virgins, it will not break the hymen as the cup sits low in the vaginal canal & our leaf stem is very soft and flexible.

I have a retroverted uterus, can I still use a menstrual cup?

Yes you can, but you may have to practice a bit to determine the exact position you have to insert the cup so that your blood flows appropriately into it. Consider using a panty-liner as extra protection until you’ve determined the right position for the cup.

Is using a menstrual cup clean and hygienic?

Yes, it is. The Luv Ur Body menstrual cup is made of medical grade silicone, which does not support the growth of organisms such as bacteria in the vagina, as bacterial growth is supported by pads and tampons. Just make sure you keep your cup clean!

Do menstrual cups cause Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) like tampons?

No, they don’t. There have been no recorded cases of TSS associated with the use of menstrual cups because they are not made of absorbent material.

Can I Swim, urinate or have bowel movements while the Cup is inside me?

Yes, you can. The cup will not interfere with your ability to have bowel movements or to urinate. For some women, just like with a tampon, the cup may move lower down in the vagina and the base of the cup may protrude slightly during bowel movements. Be sure to simply gently push the cup back up into place once you are done.

Can I wear my Luv Ur Body cup during sexual intercourse?

Menstrual cups are not a form of contraception and should never be used as such as they will not protect you from STD’s or pregnancy. Always remove the Luv Ur Body Menstrual Cup before penetrative sexual intercourse. For oral sex during period (if your religion or personal beliefs allows it), our menstrual cups are the better alternative to other methods – no leakage and 100% clean.

Can I use the cup if I have an Inter Uterine Device (IUD) in place?

Yes, the Luv Ur Body cup is worn low in the vaginal canal and will not interfere with the position or functioning of and IUD. Most women who experience spotting or everyday bleeding with IUD’s have found menstrual cups to be invaluable in that they can wear the Luv Ur Body Menstrual Cup everyday instead of party-liners or pads to collect the blood loss from IUD’s and thus combat this great inconvenience caused by some IUD’s.

Can I use the Luv Ur Body Cup even though my periods are very heavy with blood clots?

Yes you can, these blood clots tend to increase the volume of fluid collected in the Cup. Women who soak through a super plus tampon doubled with a maxi pad in about 1.5 hours have found our large sized Cups can give them upto 6-8 hours of freedom.

Can I use the Luv Ur Body Cup for Post natal bleeding after child birth?

No. It is not recommended that you use a menstrual Cup for post natal bleeding due to the fact that inserting any object into the vagina less than 6 weeks after child birth may increase the risk of infection, not to mention the fact that most women still feel quite tender or sore at this time.

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