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Global shipping information

Global shipping information

Where will my order be shipped from and How long will it take?

All our global orders to USA, UK, EU, Asia, South America, Australia and New Zealand, South Africa etc are shipped from european or asian Postal Services. International Orders from outside West Africa received on our website store before 2pm UK time each day will be shipped same day. Orders received after 2pm will be shipped the next working day.

Nigerian order will be shipped by

As these global orders are shipped by basic airmail and not Courier services such as DHL, the european or asian Post advises that you allow upto 25 days for any international delivery but typically take 7-8 days.

In an effort to give all our customers peace of mind that their parcel has been shipped and to enable them know where their parcel is at any point in time, we charge a heavily subsidized “Mail Tracking Fee” for each purchase which will enable you to track and trace your parcel throughout its journey.

Parcel tracking information is uploaded by the european or asian Post typically about 24hrs after we have posted and handed over your parcel to them. So do not be worried if you do not see any tracking information within a few hours of payment on our website.


What Happens If I Provide A Wrong Shipping Address?

In the unfortunate event that you provide us with an incorrect shipping address and your parcel does not arrive, or is returned, the issue of whether or not to provide you with a replacement will be governed strictly by our “Term and Conditions Of Use” posted on our website. This clearly states that in such circumstances, no replacement or refund will be provided and it shall be your sole responsibility to locate the missing parcel and pay $10.50 for re-postage.

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