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Our vision and mission

Our vision and mission

Our Vision

Our Vision is to bring awareness to this much needed alternative for women. We are driven to make this option within reach for women around the world. As a company, we value our customers and their satisfaction. Our goal is to ensure that you are completely happy with your purchase. It is our promise that we will maintain ethical business practices in all of our transactions and communications. Not only do we want to save women money while reducing the environmental impact, but we also want to help you as a woman Luv Ur Body more, even during that most uncomfortable time!


Our Mission

our Mission is to remain diligent in our commitment to providing women everywhere with a safe, eco-friendly and comfortable alternative to tampons and pads. Women don’t have to settle for “good enough”, but instead should have an option that gives them the security that they deserve!

Considering that 85% of the discomfort women experience during their monthly period is associated with the type of feminine hygiene protection they use, we think we can eliminate this for our customers! It is our ambition to help create a more enjoyable, comfortable and stress-free period for women everywhere. Through education and a solid reputation we are focused on bringing these results to every single woman that would like to try a better option.

Keep in mind the environmental advantages that come with using a menstrual cup! It’s estimated the average woman will use up to almost 20,000 pads or tampons in her lifetime. Landfills all over the world are filled with these non-biodegradable pads and tampons—so much so that they even show up on beaches! Multiply that by the billions of women on Earth! Let’s give the Earth a break by switching to more eco-friendlymenstrual cups. Change has come! Make that change today, switch to a Luv Ur Body Menstrual Cup!

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