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“I just wanted to say thank you, for having the guts to make a big menstrual cup with a romantic design. I believe lots of women will be afraid of the size but it fits me very well. and I have to admit: it feels a little bit like putting a piece of art into my vagina. What makes me feel kind of special on my period. Making the period a time to celebrate yourself”

Isabella, Germany

“From skeptic to believer. I love this product! I didn’t know if I would like this Cup. I really really like this cup, it fits my body very well. It holds a lot and is really high capacity.There was no leakage for me I was really scared but surprised that this worked for me. Its shocking that this actually worked, I wasn’t expecting much from it, but its surprised me its really awesome. I like this green color. There is a lot of pretty patterns, its really easy to grip and I didn’t even need to trim off (the stem) that was pretty interesting. So if you have a high cervix, I really don’t think you should be scared of this Cup. Its really cool. Customer service was also really fantastic, I had a little trouble with the shopping cart but I got a response back so quickly and the customer service was so thorough and polite and I had a really good experience with that as well.”

Melissa (Missy Menstrual), Seattle USA

“The Floral design gives the Cup a luxurious feel to it, a lot of care has gone into designing this Cup.”

Teresa Francis, CEO, Femininewear UK

“I got lots of good feedback about your cup. and wanted to let you know, that a lot of my custumers, who started with Melunas had leaking issues with them, now with their LuvUrBody they don’t leak”

“ I think its wonderful that you have made a Cup that has such high capacity that can be used successfully for so many women. ”

Chealsea Paddict, Alabama USA

“ I have received the cup already (within one week) It was very fast! Your product is very nicely designed and packaged. Thank you. ”

Gloria, Barcelona, Spain

“I think menstrual cups may be a revolution. I lead an antenatal and perineal care clinic together with some colleagues. We are now planning to start some sessions regarding menstrual cups. I will add your Cup to the collection of menstrual cups in our hospital, our first African menstrual cup!”

Chiara, Savigliano, Italy

“The Cup looks so pretty, cant wait to try it out! ”

Nadia, UK

“Just to say a big “THANK YOU” for my Luv Ur Body menstrual cup. Firstly the Cups FANTASTIC! I’m soooooooo enjoying it! No more pads/tampons for me at all. It will serve me till I reach menopause. It didn’t leak at all and I’m very glad. Everything about it is just right. It fits inside me like a glove. Even without the stem it can be easily inserted and removed comfortably.”

Mrs Ogoma A., Abuja Nigeria

“Started using the Luv Ur Body menstrual cup, I like it. The good thing is when properly inserted, its so clean, you forget you are menstruating and you also don’t feel it inside you. My flow is not too much and the Cup took me for 12 hours! Love love love this product. I am a proud owner. I had my reservations initially until I used it and all doubts disappeared. It’s so comfy almost as if you are wearing nothing, then I had it on for 12 hours, no mess or leakage. I could wear anything in any color with no fear of getting stained. Plus it was so hygienic, no smells. God bless the inventor of this product. All women should use this, it’s a must.”

Dr. Claire A, Abuja Nigeria

“My Period has finished, thank God for my menstrual cup! God bless you!! I love my Luv Ur Body menstrual cup. Thank you!, I really cannot thank you enough. This thing is a life saver! Menstrual cups are the best, wish more women would try them. It’s the best menstrual protection I have used!!! the cup was only a quarter full after 4-5 hours. and its very clean. I was scared that I would have a hot mess of blood all over but on the contrary, it turned out so effortless to take out and very easy to insert.”

Abi, Lagos Nigeria

“Using sanitary pads is so irritating to me since I started using Luv Ur Body menstrual cups. I feel free and comfortable to do anything and go anywhere. When I was using pads, I normally use 2 packs each period and still won’t be comfortable and constantly looking for where to change my pad when out of the house.”

Lola, Lagos

“I opted for the Luv Ur Body menstrual cup because my first menstrual days are quiet heavy, the cup was absolutely wonderful as I didn’t need to visit the bathroom frequently. Surprisingly the cup was very comfortable and didn’t leave any drops of blood. A must have for women who love comfort during a heavy cycle!”

Ola Uri O, London UK

“I’m a Luv Ur Body menstrual cup fan big time!!! Since I discovered them, I’m no longer experiencing the dread of periods. I’ve experienced no side effects, no mess, no running to change every four hours because of my heavy flow. It’s simply awesome.”

Stephanie E.S.E, Lagos Nigeria

“When is was able to use the large LUB cup, I am beyond pleased with its capacity. On my heavy day that I had to change a super plus tampon every 1.5 hours, large fleurcup every 3 to 4 hours, large Yuuki every 4.5 to 5 hours, I was able to go 6 hours with your large cup and even then, it was only full to the lower swell line, so easily I could have gone at least 2 more hours.”.

Gail F., New York

“Since I started using the Luv Ur Body Menstrual Cup, my menstrual cycle has never been the same. Its reduced my menstruation from one week to 4 or 5 days. I tried using a pad to see if I was imagining things but I wasn’t. I went to change my pad at work and I started wondering how I previously coped with disposing of these pads before. With the menstrual cup I simply pour the blood away in the toilet and wash the Cup. No need to worry about where to dispose the pad.”

Chioma, Lagos Nigeria

“I love your product so much that I want your business to suceed and groweven more in 2015. Its customer service like yours that brings special customers to you. I am on my 2nd cycle now and this cup is still perfect, size, material, capacity! I really love it and have no regrets so its a big pleasure!.”

Miora R., Canada

“Surprisingly, even the very first time I used it, I was able to insert it and the Luv Ur Body menstrual cup didn’t leak, was comfortable and wasn’t painful”

Immaculata N, Owerri, Nigeria

“I bought the Luv Ur Body Menstrual Cup for my wife because her periods are very heavy. I frequently had to buy multiple packs of pads for her and she had to double the pads which still did not give her the protection she needed. She would still get stained in public. I was tired of seeing her go through this.”

Gbenga M, Ikoyi, Lagos

“I believe there should be a rounded more stiffer cup. Not too stiff but definitely not as soft for women with tighter vagina muscles whose cup collapses. The rounded bottom is good for women with dangly and low cervixs. Thank you for your consideration.”


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