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Our Belief: Menstrual Cups are the future of Feminine Hygiene!

Our Belief: Menstrual Cups are the future of Feminine Hygiene!

What do menstrual cups and umbrellas have in common?

If you are one of the skeptics, read on! The menstrual cup exists since the 1930’s. Though a similar but strange predecessor was patented in 1867. The production of the rubber menstrual cup started in USA just as the World War II began and stalled because of the shortage of rubber. Another reason it is not mainstream, is because in the past it was made of hard rubber or other not so friendly materials, plus women’s reluctance of putting something inside their vagina using their fingers (are we past that yet?). We all know advertising budgets don’t come cheap, menstrual cup manufacturers can’t compete in this area with disposable pad and tampon manufacturers who have more money to invest in adverts thus the low awareness for Cups. Only in the 1960’s it started to be produced from a softer material, but its popularity didn’t increase. Presently is being made of medical grade silicone – perfectly safe, sanitary and flexible enough to feel comfortable.

Even though the umbrella was invented 4000 years, only in the 1700’s it became fashionable and people started to see its practicality. Knowing this, will you still stick to your taboos or learn something from the wisdom of history and try a Luv Ur Body menstrual cup?

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