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5 Ways To Ease Menstrual Cramps
Nwadi Luvur-body

by Nwadi Luvur-body in News

25 July, 2015 (0) Comments

5 Ways To Ease Menstrual Cramps

5 Easy Ways To Ease Menstrual Cramps

As women we all dread that time of the month when our period arrives (although sometimes we’re even thankful that we get it!). We all know the constant throbbing and cramps that come with it and even after years of having a monthly period some of us still don’t know how to manage the pain.

To help you get through your next period we’ve put together some easy ways to ease your period pain.

1. Get your body moving
We know it might be the last thing you actually feel like doing but a brisk walk or any type of movement can help ease your belly pain. When you’re doing any kind of aerobic exercise your body is pumping more blood around, this helps to release endorphins and reduce your cramps. Regular exercise is good for your overall health but it’s especially important if cramping is a regular part of your period.

2. Apply heat
Fill a hot water bottle with boiling water or grab a sweet smelling lavender heat pack and hold it on your belly while you watch TV or relax in bed. The heat helps to relax the contracting muscles in your uterus which are the cause of your pain.

3. Drink herbal tea
Herbal teas such as chamomile or raspberry leaf tea can help ease the pain from cramps. Have a cup in the morning with breakfast or before you go to bed at night. If you regularly take ibuprofen to ease the pain of cramping maybe try these natural remedies next time to see if they help. Limiting your caffeine intake can also help ease the pain.

4. Soak in a hot bath
A soak in a nice hot bath is good at any time of the month but it’s especially good for soothing muscle cramps during your period. Use sea salts to nourish the sensitive skin around your vagina, and avoid scented bubbles, salts or melts as these may irritate the area.

5. Switch your tampons and pads for a menstrual cup
Many women find that their period pain eases when they use a menstrual cup. The cup strengthens your pelvic floor muscles, making cramps less intense. If you’re ready to make the change, head to our online store (

Have you got any other tips to ease period pain? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

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