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Busting Myths About Menstrual Cups
Nwadi Luvur-body

by Nwadi Luvur-body in News

03 August, 2015 (0) Comments

Busting Myths About Menstrual Cups

There are loads of misconceptions doing the rounds about menstrual cups. Today we’re here to bust these myths and get more of the facts out there to promote menstrual cup awareness & help you make an informed decision when purchasing a Luv Ur Body Menstrual Cup.

Myth 1: A menstrual cup is too big to fit inside me…
Fact: A menstrual cup on average is about the size of a pinky or forefinger. The entire vagina is a muscle and it expands to accommodate anything put inside it. If a tampon, penis or vibrator several fingers at a time can fit inside a vagina & a baby's head/shoulders can come out of it, a Luv Ur Body menstrual cup will also easily fit. When choosing the right size menstrual cup for you, use our size charts to see which length will be most comfortable (link this to:

Myth 2: Menstrual cups are painful to insert and hurt when inside…
Fact: When properly inserted a menstrual cup will hardly be noticeable inside the vagina. When you insert a finger into your vagina, you may have noticed the bumpy inner lining of the vagina called RUGAE, as women, we may have noticed that there is little or no sensation let alone pain felt when we scratch the rugae with the nail of the inserted finger. Luv Ur Body Menstrual Cups won't go to the extent of ever "scratching" so no discomfort is felt on insertion or removal. The "soft swell" design of our Cups enables the soft swell just under the Tim to gently part the vagina during insertion & removal to create more space & enable a smooth glide in or out. The flowers on the Luv Ur Body Cup are barely there and cannot be felt. The Luv Ur Body Menstrual Cup can also be used turned inside out if this is more comfortable. For first time users there is a learning curve to get the cup inserted quickly, smoothly and in the right position. For tips on using menstrual cups check out the guide on our website (link this to: You can also watch this instructional YouTube video on how to use & care for a Luv Ur Body Menstrual Cup. The video link is

Myth 3: Menstrual cups can be used as protection during sex…
Fact: Menstrual cups are not a form of contraception & should never be used as such. They will not protect you from STDs or pregnancy. Always remove the Luv Ur Body Menstrual Cup before penetrative sexual intercourse. For oral sex (if your religion or personal beliefs allow it), our menstrual cups are the better alternative to other methods used for oral sex during menstruation such as menstrual sponges or cotton wool as the Luv Ur Body Menstrual Cup will obviously be more leak proof than a menstrual sponge or cotton wool - no leakage and 100% clean.

Myth 4: Menstrual cups can be washed with any soap…
Fact: Your menstrual cup goes inside your vagina so any products used to clean your cup should be specifically formulated for vaginal use. Many cleaners (such as hand soap and dish soap) are too harsh to use on the vaginal area. Also never use bleach or other household cleaners. We highly recommend cleaning your Luv Ur Body Menstrual Cup with Milton sterilising tablets or Milton Solution after each period or simply by boiling it for at least 15mins. We’ve got our tried and tested cleaning tips over on our website for you to follow (link this to: We also have on the blog a post about how to use Milton to clean your Luv Ur Body Menstrual Cup. We strongly DO NOT recommend using hydrogen peroxide to clean your Luv Ur Body Menstrual Cup.

Myth 5: Menstrual Cups can dis-virgin teens or widen the vagina...
Fact: As long as the Menstrual Cup is inserted correctly, it will not dis-virgin or widen the vagina. It's also important to choose the correct size for your needs. Luv Ur Body Menstrual Cups can be used safely without any apprehension of either issue just the same way tampons and vaginal douches/Douch applicators are used successfully by virgins and have not been known to dis-virgin. As stated above, the vagina is a muscle which will expand to accommodate anything put into it. So during insertion, the vagina expands slightly & retracts back into shape to take in the Luv Ur Body Menstrual Cup and it won't expand any more than needed. This vaginal expansion and retraction back into shape is similar to the slight expansion that takes place during sexual intercourse.

Thank you for reading this post. Have you got any other myths you’d like us to bust about menstrual cups? Let us know below in the comments and we’ll get back to you with a response. You can also email us via or fill out the contact form on our website

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